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We cannot stress enough how important it is to support small businesses and local agriculture. The more money we spend on local food, the more money we circulate in the local economy; an action that consequently supports everyone, not just major players in the food industry. Currently, we are seeing major consolidation in the farming sector. Since 1996 the number of commercial farming units has dropped from just above 60 thousand to less than 40 thousand by 2007. This results in loss of jobs, promotion of production and consumption of unhealthy processed foods, and an uneven distribution...

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We hope everyone is enjoying a happy holiday season filled with family, friends and lots of yummy food. We have received so much love and support since we opened and we are overjoyed and grateful to be part of this community.

Give your loved ones (or yourself) a gift that is both delicious and nutritious. Stop by BARE to purchase a gift card and enjoy special perks:

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Today, most food items found in our supermarkets are processed. Our food can travel thousands of miles over the course of a just few days before it reaches the shelves, let alone our mouths. In order to maintain freshness and palatability, chemicals have to be added to the mix during processing. Most of us refer to these chemicals as preservatives, but what exactly are these chemicals, and more importantly, how do they impact our health?

Did you know that if you were to purchase processed meat products free of preservatives and other chemicals, they would appear an eerie brown/gray...


Fast Food Promotes Childhood Obesity on a Global Scale

The fast-food industry has significantly impacted America’s food and beverage trade, and proceeds to dominate on a global scale. According to statistics, the fast-food industry’s net worth is expected to increase from $190 billion to $232 billion by 2020 (McDonalds, 2017). While fast-food is certainly convenient, increasing attention has been drawn to its negative impact on childhood obesity. The reluctance from fast-food companies to provide consumers with adequate nutrition labeling and health warnings...


The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently shared that the Healthy Kids' Meal Bill was introduced to legislators on Capital Hill. The bill intends to promote change in the restaurant industry by ensuring that kids meals at restaurants come with healthy beverages and not sugary sodas. Currently 74% of the top 50 restaurant chains have not yet stopped bundling soda with kids meals, but there is hope seeing as 26% of them have made the switch.

Unhealthy beverages are one of the leading culprits of diabetes, weight gain, and other health problems. What kids learn today about...

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Is sugar addicting? According to researchers from the National Institutes of Health, the answer is YES! Sugar disrupts brain biochemistry and causes neurochemical changes that also occur with addictive drugs. This process happens when sugar is consumed in excess, and does not occur when sugar is consumed from natural sources such as fruit. Click here to learn more about sugar addiction.

Junk Food

Large food companies including Nestlè have proved that their efforts have positively combatted the issue of food insecurity. However, while people are certainly eating more, the global population is still experiencing severe malnutrition, now in the form of over nutrition. The United States was one of the first developed nations negatively impacted by the processed food epidemic, and has proven that consumption of processed food negatively impacts health. Examples from Brazil highlight the benefits and drawbacks of processed food in developing nations. Does the development of chronic...


Did you know that human food waste amounts to approximately 1.3billion tons of food each year? Food loss is a serious topic that impacts the environment, food security, hunger, food quality and safety, and economic development. At BARE we donate our food waste to local farms to help reduce our carbon footprint, feed animals, and encourage others to do the same. Want to learn more about food waste? Read the articles below to learn more about this topic and how you can make a difference.


Nuts About Nutrition? So Are we!

Did you know that one of our bowl topping at BARE is walnuts? Not only are they delicious but they are also nutritious. There was a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition about the positive effects of walnut consumption on blood lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors. Click here to read more and be sure to order walnuts as your bowl topping the next time you dine at BARE!


We are very excited that BARE made the front page of the Times Union on September 20. The support from this community has been incredible. We are more and more excited to open our doors and share delicious, healthy, plant-based treats with all of you. Thank you Times Union for featuring us before we even open! To see the preview, click here.


Thanks to Girlnetic for featuring Bare in a recent blog post. We are overwhelmed by the love and excitement we are experiencing from everyone in the community so far. We look forward to opening our doors next month and serving the Capital Region with our delicious and nutritious menu items!

Click to read the full article and see the drool worthy photos!


The walls are a soft gray. The aromas are fruity and sweet. Accents of wood, baskets of fresh fruit, unique overhead lighting, and succulents catch your eye. You feel calm and comfortable. You are welcomed by a friendly smile, and kindly reminded that we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of various ingredients. This is reassuring, as you may be unfamiliar with some of the ingredients. You are intrigued by the beautiful colors of the smoothies and smoothie bowls people are enjoying around you. You are impressed by the sweet treats offered as they contain...